How to Pass Exams in Paediatrics

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If you have upcoming paediatric exams and would like extra support, Professor Carly would love to help. With over 30 years’ experience working and teaching paediatric medicine. Dr Carly, professor of paediatric education at UCL is hugely passionate about supporting students and fellow medical professionals with their paediatric education

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Professor Carly has launched an Instagram account to offer advice and support for free. This Instagram account is separate from her Dr Carly Instagram account and is for those studying paediatric education only.  Follow for videos, tips and feel free to message your questions as Professor Carly will happily help.


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Thank you so much for being so diligent and not dismissing us! We’re really grateful for your commitment.


Learn from the best

Professor Carly has published many research papers that you may find useful. Please see her Publications page for more details. And as a huge supporter of your paediatric education, Professor Carly would love to hear from you with your questions and results! 


Additional Support

Access additional support through Dr Carly’s best selling books and social media.

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