Carly Creations

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In Carly’s spare time, Carly likes to get creative and has designed, painted, sewn and  photographed so many wonderful pieces.

Carly recently held her own art exhibition at her home to showcase her masterpieces. She also donates a large proportion of her creations to raise money for charity.

Carly also loves travelling and documents the art she finds on her adventures. 

Street art in Walthamstow, East London.

I loved living in Walthamstow for a year before I moved to Jaffa, Israel. The best part was the fabulous street art. Enjoy!


Inked and painted scribbles

Here I have tried to show how close spirals are to repetitive lines – only a small flick at the edge will turn a point into a more rounded edge. Using watercolour brushes means all the scribbles are fluid. All of them are done with either an purple ink pen or a purple marker pen. By altering the settings when editing the photos the colours and definition can change substantially. I like some of these and I really cannot abide others. Do we all feel that about our art sometimes? Or always? These are more like doodles. But nevertheless I enjoyed doing them and then adding more and more water and using dry paint brushes to alter them further. They are postcards meant to be painted and sent. Shall I?

Senegal basket spirals

These baskets and bowls are everywhere in Senegal. They are elegant and beautiful like the people. They are true spirals and the easy way to tell is to look at the end where they are cut down and bound in. They range in size from huge laundry baskets to teeny tiny pots to hold trinkets. I would quite like to have a go at them. One of the baskets looks like a long and thin oval shaped spiral. But still a true spiral.


The leaning tower. Now of course this isn’t a spiral at all but because it is wonky it gives the appearance of being a spiral. I love this photo that my then boyfriend David Maraney took of me in that silly classical pose of holding up the leaning tower. It isn’t very big the tower so easy to stage this photo. I particularly like the woman next to me who looks like she is supporting me supporting the tower!

Painted Spiral Pot

I found this pot painted with a spiral line on my route back to my hotel. I like the fact it is behind a wire fence and wonder if it is for sale or has been abandoned. Poor, sad and alone spiral painted pot.

Wooden Bird

Also on this walk I came upon a whole zoo of large wooden brightly painted animals. Both the flamingo and orange goose have a lovely fluid spiral shaped necks. They are far too huge to bring home. Phew.

Volleyball Post at Sunset

This net has clearly been tied with a long rope going around the pole in a spiral fashion. We cannot see it in its entirety but we know what is going on at the back of the pole. I felt I could combine spirals with the sunset which are always a big part of any holiday.

Cinnamon bun, coffee and the Bristol sun.

I love the spiral shape of this yummy bun but particularly with the glistening of the sugar that you can see because the photos is taken so close up. They knew about my passion for spirals and tried to make a cappuccino with spirals which you can imagine really ending in a heart with a lovely wiggly tail. The photo taken directly into the morning sun isn’t really a spiral but you could almost imagine it is a planet like Saturn with its rings around it and as it moves around the sky it makes a corkscrew shape which is a version of a spiral – well maybe?!!


Spirals on railings are popular the world over. I am not sure why. These are in the UK and Senegal. There were loads in India. I am sure they are everywhere. Something reassuring but telling us about a journey – maybe the railings would like to be elsewhere rather than stuck in one place forever?