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Dr Carly offers support for new parents across the world

dr Carly with new parents
dr Carly with new parents
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With over 30 years’ experience working in paediatrics, Dr Carly is passionate about supporting new parents with their child’s health. Dr Carly has written best selling books, featured in multiple child health courses and has now launched her Instagram and YouTube channels

Your potty training tips were so useful, I completely trained my little girl in 2 days flat – wees and poos all in one and dry in the night!

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Parenting Books

Dr Caroline Fertleman (Dr Carly) provides support for new parents all over the world.

She has written 7 parenting books including the award winning best seller Your Baby Week by Week as well as:

Baby to Toddler Month by Month

Coping with Two

Clever Baby

Clever Child

Potty Training for Boys

Potty Training for Girls


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Online Courses

Dr Carly has teamed up with Now Baby and Midwife Marley to bring online classes to new parents.

The course includes the following support:

-Baby first aid

-Common medical conditions

– Newborn screening 



If you are a new parent and interested in Dr Carly’s postnatal course, you can sign up here.

Dr Carly’s Clinic

Dr Carly’s long awaited YouTube Channel! Watch hundreds of hours of videos answering your baby and child health questions completely free! 

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Dr Carly also regularly posts videos and updated content about life as a paediatrician on her Instagram page. Make sure you’re following her for all the latest content!

You’ve been a Godsend to us as a family….

Thank You!

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Dr Carly is now available to see patients and their parents/caregivers both online and in person. For more information, please click here

Thank you so much for seeing us today and for all of your advice (and your book!)

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