Parenting for Paediatricians

Having written several books on parenting for the lay public I was approached by a medical student from Bristol to support her in her project to teach ‘parenting’ to medical students. This was certainly novel and is part of the curriculum in the USA but not in the UK. I felt able to contribute to this topic because of my publishing history and being a parent of three children. Continue reading Parenting for Paediatricians

National Paediatric Undergraduate Syllabus

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There is considerable variation in the duration, location and content of paediatric attachments for medical students in the United Kingdom. Paediatricians involved in undergraduate education are under pressure to establish paediatric competencies within a shorter timeframe and medical students report uncertainty about where the emphasis should lie during attachments in child health. This is the basis for the development of a common syllabus for child health training.

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The UN Rights of the Child Project

I wanted to use the United Nations rights of the child as the basis for a piece of artwork on the children’s ward at The Whittington Hospital but as there are over 40 rights I felt this was too many to illustrate on a single piece of work so I needed to narrow this down. I ran a pre-pilot and found that only children in secondary school could rank their own top five. Continue reading The UN Rights of the Child Project