Teaching & Speaking

Caroline is a Consultant Paediatrician and Guardian of Safe Working in Whittington Health, and has two positions within UCL medical school. She is both the director for undergraduate education at the Whittington Campus and co-course director for the iBSc in Paediatrics and Child Health.

See her speaking here on leadership.

Since qualifying Caroline’s overriding passion has been the advancement of medical education. To that end she has always encouraged and supported others to undertake a raft of educational research with 33 peer-reviewed publications showcasing over 40 doctors in training. She is a senior fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a fellow of the Academy of Medical Education. She has led many innovative projects and is particularly proud of the Paediatrics and Child Health course, which is now the most popular iBSc at UCL. The course has now been running for 8 years and she led the process from inception, curriculum mapping, and content delivery to novel and multifarious assessments. She is particularly proud of all the publications students from the iBSc have had.


She has published ten books, including seven for the public on parenting and three textbooks. The Hands on Guide to Practical Paediatrics won the BMJ paediatric textbook award in 2015 and the Patient Journeys book was highly commended in the BMJ 2017 book awards. She has been invited to lecture nationally (Cardiff, Harrogate and Nottingham) and internationally (USA, Pakistan and Bangladesh).






She is the convenor of a national education group affiliated to her professional body (RCPCH). She is a proud Londoner and would not really consider living anywhere else and is married to a long suffering husband with an assortment of adolescents, rescue dogs, itinerant cats and a stash of yarn for knitting.

Lectures titles and talks

Caroline is happy to lecture on any of the themes below and will adapt it for small or large audiences whether as a lecture, small group work or as a workshop. (Many have been delivered locally, regionally, nationally and internationally). She has just returned from Pakistan.


Paediatric topics

Caroline has been a sought after lecturer in paediatric topics for many years. With the publication of three paediatric textbooks she is a versatile and enthusiastic lecturer. She has been a consultant general paediatrician for 10 years with a major responsibility for safeguarding training.

General paediatrics
(for medical students, paediatricians, GPs, midwives and nurses)

Pathological jaundice, Jaundice in babies and feeding problems
Bread and butter paediatrics
Why children are not small adults – the physiology
Fits, faints and funny turns
The crying baby and tantruming toddler – common behavioural problems in young children
Development – why children are NOT small adults
Safe prescribing


Caroline has been the most senior trainer in London delivering the Child Protection Recognition and Response course for 10 years. This level 3 safeguarding course developed by the RCPCH, NSPCC and ALSG uses all different types of teaching techniques and has both a written and communication scenario assessment as part of it. She has run regular courses and trained many faculty to deliver the material with her. This course has the following objectives
• Recognise signs and symptoms of the possible range of abuse and or neglect in children of all ages • Respond competently and confidently, knowing what knowledge and skills are needed to recognise child abuse
• Know how to make a referral to the relevant agency or professional group and to find out the outcome of a referral
• Understand the importance of follow-up to the health and developmental outcome for the child

Other teaching she has devised include the following
Bruises that matter
Child abuse – will you see it?
Did he fall or was he pushed?
All knotted up. A multidisciplinary introduction into safeguarding for medical students.
The A-Z of writing reports, appearing in court
Targeted safeguarding teaching for anaesthetists, surgeons and other groups

Teaching, professional and faculty development

Caroline has both delivered and developed novel systems for delivering faculty development programmes. She has taught generics and tailored versions of the Teaching Improvement Project System © (including alterations to account for cultural variations) both in the UK and abroad. Sessions in this include Lesson planning/Objectives setting/Microteaches/Questioning/Clinical reasoning/Communicating risk to patients and families/Giving and receiving feedback/Teaching and Learning/Ethics and Law/Large groups/Using role play/Clinical bedside/Communication skills.


above lecturesworkshops on this theme

This photo illustrates one such session being delivered in Northern Bangladesh.




Other lectures/workshops on this theme

Learning styles
How to promote deep learning in medical students
Learning styles in medical students

Video enhanced role play – how to talk to children
Talking to Adolescents. How do you do it?
Talking to young people who have been sexually abused
Using parents to teach effective communication skills
Understanding the patient journey

Transition to Parenthood – a course for health care professionals working with parents

How to write Single Best Answers questions
Teaching how to examine on Objective Structured Clinical Examination; a course for examiners

Professional Development
Team work and communicating with colleagues
Presentation skills
Using mind maps to enhance educational initiatives
Using unexpected opportunities to change tack

Making a web-based portfolio
Supervising medical education research