Please describe how the nominee demonstrates the values of a medical educator and promotes the aims and objectives of the Academy of Medical Educators

I would like to nominate Caroline for this award in recognition of her exceptional achievement as a medical educator. She demonstrates an understanding of the values important to her role and an active demonstration of them in all her educational activity. Her work is outward facing; that is; she works inclusively and transparently to support individuals and teams to work collaboratively, thereby optimising their performance, productivity and achievement.


Half her time is dedicated to educational activity (the remainder being clinical work), during which Caroline supports a whole range of individuals from school leavers to senior colleagues and leads a number of education-based teams locally, regionally and nationally.  She supports and leads these individuals to deliver high quality educational output: in 2015 she was senior author on 13 peer reviewed publications in the field of Medical Education and in 2016 has another nine. These articles showcase over 30 doctors in training whose work she has supported from inception to final publication. Caroline’s ability to motivate, engage and work inclusively is a key component of her approach.


Caroline is very familiar with curriculum development and I shall highlight this with two examples. Along with the first UCL Academic Clinical Fellow in Medical Education, for whom she acted as Supervisor, Caroline led the development of the new national undergraduate paediatric curriculum, launched last year. Throughout the process, she proactively engaged stakeholders including all 32 UK medical schools, the GMC, the Medical Schools Council and the RCPCH. She ensured the inclusion of a wide range of individuals, including parents, medical students and clinical teachers in the Delphi process underpinning the curriculum development. Several medical schools are already using this open source material to replace existing curricula, demonstrating successful promotion and dissemination of best practice.


Caroline has led on development of the UK’s first and only iBSc programme in Paediatrics and Child Health. She has led the now most popular iBSc at UCL for seven years. Through her leadership the teaching fellows have undertaken individual projects resulting in international presentations and contributing towards textbooks. The students too have had a huge number of peer review publications from their projects. Students have told Caroline that they had specifically chosen UCL because of this iBSc and the team have made a major impact on the iBSc programme and continue to push UCL to the forefront in specialist paediatric undergraduate training. This novel course incorporates innovative teaching, reflection and assessment to foster long term learning and good medical practice. I include a concrete example of innovation in this iBSc. Patient journeys are a fabulous way to teach and learn. As part of the assessment, students annotate a patient journey. They gather an in-depth case and provide pointers in the narrative to consider. These journeys are used in the subsequent year’s cohort in a small group setting led by a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist and teaching fellow as a starting point to consider these diverse and challenging issues. These journeys are published this year in a book (CRC press).


Please describe how the nominee has made an outstanding and sustained contribution to medical education through at least one of the following: educational scholarship, teaching and supporting learners, assessment and feedback to learners, design and planning of learning activities, and/or educational management and leadership.


Caroline contributes towards many areas of medical education. I have showcased her outstanding commitment under three headings below.


Teaching and supporting learners

In recognition of her significant contribution to teaching Caroline has been invited to lecture and teach regularly locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. For several years she has been a reflective practice tutor at the Universities of Cardiff, Queen Mary London and Harvard and she showcased some of these students (and others from UCL) to present their teaching material at a national medical education meeting in 2015.


She engages in teaching leadership and management skills by supporting programmes for paediatricians undergoing transition (Transition to Leadership, Transition to Consultant and Clinic Management). She supports dedicated and enthusiastic colleagues who are applying for education and clinical awards. In 2012 she secured a grant to facilitate teaching skills in an integrated health project in rural Bangladesh and continues to support a tranche of trainees who continue to deliver this programme.



Caroline is an examiner for all the clinical years for UCL medical school. Since 2013 she has been an external examiner for Nottingham University and Kings College London.  Since 2014 she has been an active member of the Medical Schools Council who provide a bank of questions for finals used by all UK medical schools to set national standards and provide comparative data. She contributes to question writing and has now been elected to their steering group. In 2015, she was invited to lecture faculty at Nottingham University on written assessment.


Caroline is an MRCPCH clinical examiner and having hosted this examination she has developed useful and popular open source teaching material for UCLMS and a training resource for postgraduates with the patients who came to be examined. She is a senior assessor and question writer for the paediatric exit assessment where she has introduced medical students for the candidate to teach thus actualising the top of Miller’s pyramid “does”.


In 2015 Caroline became a senior fellow for the Higher Education Academy and a UCL assessor for applications for promotion to Associate, Fellow and Senior Fellow.


Mentoring and Support

Caroline has supported ten teaching fellows as their academic supervisor in the last five years and hundreds of trainees in her role as Training Programme Director. She works tirelessly and with great enthusiasm to support the professional development of trainees.


Caroline participates in regional recruitment and chairs ARCP panels. Additionally, she attends quality visits to Trusts and is well known for her support of doctors in difficulty. One recently wrote “I am still a paediatric trainee due to your support and guidance over the years. I would have left if not for your support. I am really grateful and will hopefully be a consultant like you who supports her trainees academically and emotionally.”

At a national level, Caroline supports learning in her role as convenor (lead) for PEdSIG (the RCPCH affiliated education group). This is a group of dedicated paediatric educators which holds twice-yearly, well attended meetings.




Please list any awards or other recognition by other medical educational organisations, noting that for the President’s Medal, the nominee will usually not have achieved recognition at a national or international level.


I have listed Caroline’s achievements in this section under the following headings in reverse chronological order with the date and amount; prizes, educational grants, remunerated educational positions and educational appointments.



  • University College London Partners Highly Commended Training Programme Directors award 2016 £250
  • British Medical Association book award prize for best new paediatric textbook – Hands on Guide to Practical Paediatrics, Rebecca Hewitson and Caroline Fertleman – published by Wiley-Blackwell 2015
  • UCL School of Life and Medical Science Senior Educators Award 2015 £250
  • Higher Education North Central London (HENCL) Highly Commended Project Award 2015 £2,500
  • Level 5 Clinical Excellence Award for teaching, Whittington Health 2009-2015
  • London Deanery Outstanding Consultant Teacher Award 2010
  • Team lead for the team awarded Excellence in Medical Education Award team prize for a novel prescribing programme 2010
  • Winner of the first individual Excellence in Medical Education Awards (UCL medical school) and the Sa’ad Al Dhamluji prize 2007
  • UCL medical school Clinical Teacher Award 2005-6
  • Royal Society of Medicine Registrars Paediatric Prize 1994


Educational Grants

  • Academic Clinical Fellowship to support UCL’s first educational ACF 2012-2015 [£33,000] for Dr Hannah Jacob.
  • London Shared Services (previously London Deanery). Training for faculty to deliver Child Protection Recognition and Response Course. 2013-2014 £22,000 to include faculty development, 2015-2016 £6,000
  • Enhancing Clinical Training through Observation and Reflection grant 2010 £1,000
  • Supporting the Education and Empowerment of Patients and Carers. QMUL, UCL and Social Action for Health). 2013-4 £50,510
  • London Deanery. To develop and deliver a bespoke, culturally competent, teaching course for use in a rural Bangladesh health institution. Caroline Fertleman, Chloe Macaulay 2012-3 £4,700


Remunerated Educational Positions

  • Site Sub-Dean UCLMS Whittington campus (medical school) 2012 – current
  • Course Director iBSc Paediatrics and Child Health (ICH) 2010 – current
  • Training Programme Director (paediatrics) 2008 – current
  • UCL substantive contract for Teaching 2003- current
  • Professional Development Spine (PDS) – year 1 of UCL MBBS programme.
    • Course tutor (24 weeks half day teaching with small group of year 1 UCLMS students. 2003-2006
    • Site lead for PDS year 1 (responsible for 8 tutors and 120 students) 2006-2009


Educational Appointments

  • Academic advisor for the UCL Ethics Committee 2016 – current
  • Medical Lead for the UCL Centre for Virtual Environments and the professions 2015 – current
  • Assessor for Final Clinical Review Group for the Medical School Council Assessment Alliance 2015 – current
  • Executive Council Member Academy of Medical Education 2015 – current
  • Assessor for applications up to Senior Fellowship of Higher Education Academy through CALT (UCL) 2015 – current
  • Convenor (lead) for RCPCH affiliated Paediatric Education Special Interest Group 2013 – current
  • Senior Assessor for the Specialty Trainee Assessment of Readiness for Tenure (START) RCPCH exit exam 2012 – current
  • Council member Academic Paediatric Association 2012-2015
  • Examiner for the Clinical MRCPCH Examination 2011 – current