“A belated email to say thank you very much for doing my appraisal the week before last.  As always I appreciated how you stimulate me to think things through.  Thank you for generously giving me your time again and for discussing with xxxx about next year – very much appreciated.

The book is also great – I read it much of the way home on the train!”



“Thank you so much again for your support over the past year; our conference simply would not have been possible without your endless encouragement throughout the year. It meant so much to myself and the committee, the society and delegates to know that you are keen to so actively support what we were trying to achieve and your enthusiasm for teaching, as well as your outstanding sessions at the ——–“.


“It has been a challenging path to follow due to lack of role models. However, you have been an inspiring role model and pragmatic mentor for the last 10 years. I have felt able at every stage of decision making to ask your opinion and rely on receiving sound advice. When doubtful you were encouraging, when in a dilemma you provided a sounding board, when seeking advice you gave it”.


“Also, thank you for believing I could do it and for being the most incredible mentor anyone could wish for! You are endlessly generous with your time/ideas/money, not just to me but to lots of trainees (most of the amazing paediatricians I know I’ve been introduced to by you!)”.


“Sorry not to say goodbye in person – but I really wanted to thank you on a personal note for all the help, advice and support you have provided over the years”.


Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the conference in ——-, it was such a great experience and I learnt much more than I expected too. I couldn’t have done it without your help


This time last year you both supported me hugely when I was going through a tough time of indecision and had dramatically lost perspective! Despite busy schedules and hefty responsibilities you were both incredibly available and caring and I will always be grateful.


I had a reflective session with Dr Caroline Fertleman today to discuss ——–.  She made me think constructively about my entire role as an Educator not just the obvious teaching role I have. She has inspired me to further my educational portfolio and gave me a positive boost which was much needed. She has encouraged me to widen my resources for feedback and to stretch my own role as a mentor for other Educators. I appreciate the time spent greatly.