Virtual environments can transform professional education and training.

UCL is the first university in Europe to systematically integrate Immersive Virtual Reality Technology within the curriculum of its professional schools.

The data and insights we collect through teaching actively contribute to our inter-disciplinary research on professional judgment and ethics, as well as to the development of bespoke applications for the corporate and public sectors.

Unlike role play, an immersive virtual environment can combine and select, at will, the appearance of the virtual humans (gender, age, sexuality, ethnicity, social class), a specific professional context (hospital, courtroom, office), and the perspective from which a participant experiences the scenario (self, others, third person).

Our team reaches across the Universities’ professional Schools, ensuring virtual environments are fully integrated into the curriculum.

The Centre for Virtual Environments and the Professions is the product of UCL. It is supporting and supported by the Faculties of Engineering, Law, Architecture and Medicine.

The Director is Dr Sylvie Delacroix, with Dr Caroline Fertleman as medical lead. The Research Director is Prof Mel Slater, ICREA-University of Barcelona & UCL. Dr Xueni (Sylvia) Pan is a lecturer in Computing at Goldsmiths College.