On meeting Caroline I was struck by her energy and joie de vivre.  A mother of three, and consultant paediatrician at a busy London hospital, it’s hard to believe that Caroline can find time to knit, but it seems she does just that – anywhere and everywhere!

Caroline’s knitting endeavours began near the end of primary school where a friend had taught her how.  She embraces the whole knitting journey – from the calmness created in the actual process, through to the sense of accomplishment on finishing a piece.

I think it would be fair to say that Caroline has somewhat of a knitting obsession. I photographed her in the music room, where the music stands have been ‘yarn-bombed’, and the sofa as you can see, is essentially knitted! She is part of a charity-knitting group which meets every few months, and sometimes attends a local pub knitting group. Caroline was also in the process of reading a knitting murder-mystery book by Maggie Sefton – ‘Needled to death’!

She would make a strong contender for the Great British Knit-off if there was ever such a thing!

Caroline Fertleman
Caroline Fertleman