Women of The Whitt – 100 Years of Women in Medicine
– A conference organised by Caroline Fertleman.

What did you like most about this conference?

The keynote speakers had very well established careers, very interesting to hear how their journey
Very friendly and positive, lots of inspirational women keynote speakers. Listening to women who feel you can have it all, personal career progression stories.
Keynote talks were inspiring. A good reminder of why we should be activated and get actively involved in making change.
It was very informative and inspirational, all the keynote speakers were very inspirational and great role models.
An opportunity to meet and speak to a variety of different professionals and hear about their experiences.
Senior doctors sharing their stories really puts human sides to the face and allocates. Real role models.
The opportunity to share with and listen to the experiences of colleagues at all levels of training

Why did you attend?

To consider how to be more resilient, that it’s ok to want to do other things as a doctor
Options in academic medicine ways to deal with negative feelings, different specialities.
Saw an opportunity to learn more about life outside of clinical medicine as well as career options specifically aimed at women.
Line up sounded exciting, something new and different
Discovering the role of women in the NHS
Interest in gender and women, particularly women in medicine

What key learning points did you take away?

Helpful to empower each other
Learning together
“make the mould fit you” – don’t have to achieve consultancy in a set order or by a set time.
Great young women doctors
Your career doesn’t have to follow the normal pathway. How to approach difficult matters and develop resilience.
Women’s issues and how people in senior roles are affected ie. Childcare. Hearing about women in medicine
Flexibility is a right
That it is possible to manage work and home life with success. Most of all, that it is ok to have doubts and not feel like medicine has to be my #1 calling in life.
What the role of an active medic is and what the career progression is like, speed dating was fab!
If you want or are interested in a job description, apply for it with confidence!
Resilience how important it is (particularly for women) to allow themselves to be vulnerable when necessary as well as being strong.
To explore all my options and enjoy what medicine has to offer
The range of possibilities available career wise
Aim high/having it all is possible/ it has been great to meet role models
The importance of activism in medicine and the personal responsibility to take part
The impact of women in medicine and the challenges they may face and how these have been dealt with!
Women contribute so much to medicine and have so much more to offer
Can be a prominent professional as a woman
Medicine does have to be a vocation to be a good doctor
Importance and knowing own emotions in building resilience
There is a scope to improve, self develop, the importance of speaking to colleagues to seek strength
Inspirational women encouraging us to pursue our goals in medicine

Other comments

Well organized on the day
I would definitely want to come to another conference, so hopefully it will become a regular event!
Do it again!
Thank you, wonderful event! (x 2 respondents)